Spring 2014

April 8: Feels great to have been starting garden seeds and working outside this last week. Lots of fruit-tree pruning, and now that the snow is gone and the ground is thawing I’ve been able to finally start dealing with the 12 dumptruck loads of...
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Spring Plantings, 2011

I got a lot of trees and shrubs from the Native Plant Sale at the local Conservation District, and I also got a bunch of inexpensive trees from the Arbor Day Foundation, in addition to some from other local nurseries like Oikos. I installed a hedgerow...
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End of April 2010

Planted 15 trees today in a future “forest garden,” gave them all a good start with sheet mulches. Hopefully they’ll do ok, most are native to this area and all are edibles. Still have over 20 yet to plant tomorrow. Tired as HAIL after...
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