Grow Your Own Food Poster

Grow Your Own Food Poster

Inspired by permaculture and the “Food, Not Lawns” movement, I made this poster to encourage people to start growing food in whatever space they have—especially in their oversized, overwatered, ecological-desert-of-a-lawn.

Grow Your Own Food Poster

I printed these in various colors on various papers and generally gave them away for free or for a few dollars. I don’t have any in stock at the moment, but would like to print more someday. Below is a copy of one “spotted in the wild” by my friend and permaculture mentor Ray, still hanging up 7 years later at the Lost River health food co-op in Paoli, Indiana! Thanks Ray for sharing the image, it warms my heart to see them out in the world like that.

Grow Your Own Food Poster

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If you want to print your own out, you can download an 11x17" PDF version here: