The first video I've taken in years of our forest garden site, some of which is now 5 years into growth, pardon the quality.


Forest Garden Video, July 2015

Forest Garden Video, July 2015

Scenes of my 3-acre, 5 year old edible forest garden in zone 5b, Lawton, MI, USA. Apologies for the quality—this was my first time filming with an old iPhone and editing w/ iMovie, and it rendered everything in a strange way (in addition to clipping off a couple seconds from the end of each segment, hence some unfinished sentences in this version).

The oldest plants in the garden were planted in 2010, but many have been planted later as this is a long-term, ongoing project being carried out by just me, in my spare time. The site has dry, sandy soil and problems with moles, rabbits and deer, hence many things have been slow to establish or were lost soon after planting. You can speed up the video on Youtube to 1.5x or even 2x and still get the gist, sorry if it’s slow, rambling and repetitive, I’m not a “natural” when it comes to narrating things.

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