Another bonus of having a forest garden is the social / relationship component.


Forest Garden Builds Relationships

Forest Garden Builds Relationships

I’ve planned the garden so that we should have a surplus of some things (once the plants/trees reach maturity and provided the weather cooperates that year). It feels awesome to connect with friends, family and neighbors over food, and sharing the surplus is a great excuse for folks to visit our garden and learn about the plants. These visitors all have different talents and they might have something to trade for the organically-grown produce/plants/flowers/medicine that we have. Bartering feels really good and removes us from the rat-race money economy just that little bit, at the same time strengthening relationships. Fills my heart with joy to see friends return home with healthy fruit from a regenerative ecosystem, this is the dream beginning to be realized.

Nanking Cherries by Heather C.

On Facebook my friend Heather had this to say about picking Nanking Cherries at the garden in late June:

The beautiful jewels of the Nanking cherry shining in Saturday’s warm afternoon sun. Thanks to our friend PJ at Rustling Knapweed Forest Garden.

Sam and Heather Picking Nanking Cherries

Sam and Heather Picking Nanking Cherries, Late June

Some photos by Heather of Elder Fire Farm Arts.

I later added on Facebook:
Nanking Cherry harvest is in prime-time right now, had a couple of special visitors at the garden today to help me put them to good use. The fruit we picked will soon find its way into delectable jams, and in future years, delicious wines. An easy-to-grow shrub that is clothed in flowers in April and dripping with sweet-tart fruit in June. I’ve got dozens of them planted and only a handful had a good crop this year—even so, I still had more than I could personally use. In future years, once the others start bearing I’ll have to offer a U-pick service.

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