Forest Garden

Our 3+ acre edible forest garden site.


Managing Succession

(a work in progress…) For when I die (or am otherwise separated from the forest garden on White Oak Rd.), here are some tasks for the near-to-mid-term (next decade or two, and indefinitely) which should be done to keep the garden’s succession...
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August 2015 Garden Tour

Next Sunday, 8/16 at 9am is the next monthly scheduled tour of my forest garden in Lawton. Come and see everything struggling to survive in the summer drought; leaves and grasses turning yellow or brown, and hundreds of patches of bare soil where the...
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Forest Garden Video, July 2015

Scenes of my 3-acre, 5 year old edible forest garden in zone 5b, Lawton, MI, USA. Apologies for the quality—this was my first time filming with an old iPhone and editing w/ iMovie, and it rendered everything in a strange way (in addition to clipping...
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Forest Garden Builds Relationships

I’ve planned the garden so that we should have a surplus of some things (once the plants/trees reach maturity and provided the weather cooperates that year). It feels awesome to connect with friends, family and neighbors over food, and sharing the...
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5th-Year Blues*

NOTE: Originally published here. I’ve recently acquired another acre of land next to my garden, which includes a 2-story house which I’d intended to renovate and live in, but which turned out to be too water-damaged to save—meaning we have...
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KCCC Tour, 10/14

I gave a tour of my garden yesterday to a group from the Kalamazoo Climate Change Coalition, who are in the early planning stages of a “food forest” collaboration with the local Nature Center. Thankfully the rain held off and we were able...
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2014 Interview About the Garden

My friend Bryan interviewed me about my forest garden for the Great Lakes Permaculture Portal in May of 2014. I thought of copying-and-pasting the text in here (especially since he edited and omitted some things I wrote), but for now I’ll just link...
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Spring 2014

April 8: Feels great to have been starting garden seeds and working outside this last week. Lots of fruit-tree pruning, and now that the snow is gone and the ground is thawing I’ve been able to finally start dealing with the 12 dumptruck loads of...
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Early July 2013

The gardens have been loving all this rain, some of the plants are really kicking ass. I’ve been eating a lot of Nanking cherries as I walk around checking, chopping and mulching; in a few years we should have enough production to let people do...
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Mid-Drought Update, Summer 2012

This spring saw a lot of important trees go in the ground, but the abnormal weather we had (May weather in March) fooled most everything into waking up early, with the result being that most fruiting trees got zapped by frost several times in April. Many...
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