August 2015 Garden Tour

Young chestnut tree with False Indigo (nitrogen-fixing shrub to left), peach tree, littleleaf linden and others visible in the background.

Next Sunday, 8/16 at 9am is the next monthly scheduled tour of my forest garden in Lawton. Come and see everything struggling to survive in the summer drought; leaves and grasses turning yellow or brown, and hundreds of patches of bare soil where the moles have wrought their destruction. Last month was probably “prime time” for things looking their best, but I didn’t promote that tour well so nobody showed up, and it didn’t happen. It’s a challenging site with regard to moisture and early/late frosts, 5 years in and I often wonder why I ever chose it, but now I’m committed to it, for better or worse. Come and learn the hard lessons of growing on the sand flats, check out what’s still alive. Message me for directions if you don’t know where it is.

9 Layers in a Forest Garden

A graphic I’d originally made for inclusion in the Oikos Catalog I designed, but Ken decided not to use—so I’m sharing it here.

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