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Who We Are

We are a team of inoffensive, multicultural stock photographs. We’ve got it all: youth, a dude with long hair, sunglasses and a goatee, standard-issue white businessmen, good-looking and attentive white females, attractive nonthreatening black people, a medium-complected smiling man of unknown ancestry, and disposable coffee cups.

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“I like to try to get something accomplished every day—right or wrong, good or bad.”

– Don Spencer on productivity

Our Specialities

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On-Demand Services

  • Print Collateral
  • Permaculture Consultation
  • Web Design


Catalog Design

From small brochures to mail order catalogs of 100+ pages, and even books.


Poster Design

Eye-catching designs that make the best use of space, print technology and your budget.


Logos and Branding

Bold logos that work well at any size and stand the test of time.



From print ads to billboards to restaurant menus and web banners, we can do it all.


Site Design

Permaculture consultation and design based on your goals, the site’s potential and your budget.


Property Walks

Short, inexpensive consultations to help you figure out what you’ve got and how you might improve it.

Client Testimonials

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